Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a Girl Thing

The scavenger hunt theme at eCrater Stores Network for this week is It's Girl Thing. We were asked if we remember wearing crinolines to make our dresses stand out.  Yuck! I remember wearing crinolines.  I always remember I hated when I had to wear them.   I liked my cowgirl outfit so much better.  I was a Tomboy! lol

Fast forward to the present.  I've changed my style some.  Today I adore those girly things.  Especially girly things that sparkle.  Carolinabluelady has fantastic jewelry in her ecrater store including the blue green necklace from Avon.

This butterfly tote bag at Barb's Bargains  is right up my alley with a an over-sized shimmering butterfly motif and plenty of girly sparkling jewels.

My next choice is from Eccentricthrifter.  The Tequila Margarita Cactus Salt Shaker Shot Glasses Kit might not exactly qualify as a girly sparkly choice.  But I bet it could add a little sparkle to my eyes.
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