Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This morning I was checking out some of my friends' news feed on  facebook.  There were tons of posts, videos, and pictures of their kids and grand kids playing little league.  I am definitely a baseball junkie and will read or watch anything  baseball related.  And when it comes to kids playing the sport, the games are priceless.  In one video, the batter hit a double, the camera panned to his little sister who was jumping up and down and cheering her big brother. 
Bingo!  New t shirt idea for our store.  Big brother, little sister and baseball rolled into one. 


  1. How cute is that!!! And I know without asking that you could customize it :D You do beautiful work and we're blessed to have you back up and running!

  2. Thank you very much. So happy that we are able to open our ecrater store