Sunday, June 26, 2011

Move over bridezillas make room for the groomzillas

Groomzilla Black T Shirt

Move over bridezillas and make room for the groomzillas.  According to a recent morning show, grooms are actively participating in wedding planning.  It seems that grooms want to be involved not just in the traditional groom's role; but in every aspect of wedding planning. 
Even though we are planning a wedding right now, I wouldn't classify our bride as a bridezilla.  In fact, she has been budget conscious and pretty easy going during the planning process. Sometimes a little too much laid back for this Mother of the Bride. 
However, what did surprise me was the groom is more involved in the planning process than I anticipated.  Recently, the wedding invitations were mailed.  The invites were designed, printed and mailed by the groom. He is keeping track of the responses. And he will report the tally to the caterer. He has been involved in the complete wedding planning process from choosing the officiant, the wedding venue, the photographer, to discussing the menu. Since I design most of our t shirts, I could not resist the urge to add a groomzilla t shirt and groomzilla hat to the groom line.  Even though he doesn't fit the bill, I thought it would be a cute gift for his bachelor party.

White Groomzilla T Shirt

Black Goomzilla embroidered Cap


  1. OOh, I bet those guys are worse than the brides! Great idea! Wishing you many happy sales!

  2. According to the tv show the grooms were worse than the brides.