Friday, July 22, 2011

State of the Art at Ecrater Stores Network

The scavenger hunt's blog theme this week at Ecrater Store Network is State of the Art.  I interpret anything described as state of the art to mean the the newest, coolest technique or machine available in any time period. 

The newest home decorating trend is vinyl lettering. When it comes to vinyl lettering, Walls that Talk is awesome.  To view the Follow your Dreams wall quote visit their eCrater store.

Do you remember when VHS camcorders replaced the 8mm movie camera?  They were defiantly state of the art in their day.  Visit Bargain Express to see the camcorder she has listed.  It is great for parts and repairs.

A discussion of state of the art is not complete without computers.  I found the Comcast high-speed internet install kit at Your Whatnot Shop

Visit  the eCrater Stores Network to see a preview of the products available.


  1. Great choices! I love how everyone always seems to pick different stuff!

  2. Thank you Linda for always supporting me in my blogging efforts.

  3. Great blog and very unique take on State of the Art. Thanks for thinking of Walls That Talk as one of your state of the art finds!