Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This week's ESN blog theme Back to School brought back many memories.  For many years, I was the After school program director for a community center.  One of my responsibilities was choosing and ordering supplies and projects for the program.  It was always challenging to pick fun, educational and age appropriate activities.
So, with this mindset, I choose these eCrater items.
From Barb's Bargains the craft birthstone dolls for the months July through December would be on my list.  The kit would be a good addition because it includes patterns for dresses and a variety of beautiful craft jewels. 

At Eccentric Thrifter I found a games and puzzle book for children.  The Think Tank Book would be perfect for rainy afternoons.  Plus the reading level is ages 9 -12 which makes it a fantastic find.

 During the school year, we always had several kid's club activities which the kids could choose to join.  The hand embroidery sewing club was very popular.  The embroidery hot iron transfers from Bargain Express is just what I would have chosen.

There are so many unique items listed on the eCrater Stores Network.  Membership is open to shoppers and eCrater store owners


  1. Neat approach to the topic! Good choices!

  2. Very interesting! You a program director! I bet you were great at it too! Awesome selections (thanks for adding one of mine, too).