Sunday, September 18, 2011

Celebrating Grandparents on ESN

I had to smile when I read the theme for the ESN scavengers hunt blog this week is grandparents.  I have 7 grandkids and to them I am Nonna (the Italian word for grandmother).   Sometimes it gets a little hectic when all the grands visit because 5 of them are under 6 years old.  But, we always have fun and laugh a lot.  I love the look on their faces when they have a gift for me.  They get so excited.

I always love receiving meditation books.  And the vintage Spiritual book set from Comycgyrl is perfect.  Believe me sometimes after a holiday celebration, I am in definite need of meditation.

   Another gift I would treasure is vintage glassware. I headed for Carolinablueladys's ecrater store to see what she had available.  Sure enough I found this Indiana glass Killarney relish dish. 
                                                     Perhaps the most important thing about being a grandparent is recognizing that all the grandkids are unique, and have different strenghts and interests which contribute to
the family.  I found this wall quote at Wall That Talk which sums up my take on grandparents.   I hope my grandkids will keep memories of their Nonna in their hearts for many years to come.


  1. Nonna, those grand-kids will have awesome memories and are blessed to be able to know their cousins so well by being together at your home! Great blog!

  2. Like your take on the topic! Nice blog. Keep on making memories.

  3. Unique blog! Love the way you put it all together! Thanks for including our wall quote.