Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving

The Christmas hype has already started.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are already being advertised.  Sometimes I wonder if I an in the minority.  I love celebrating Thanksgiving.  It goes back to my days as a preschool teacher.  Thanksgiving was so much fun.  My favorite song to teach my pre K class was Albuquerque he's my turkey.  I remember searching for a t shirt that read Save a Turkey Eat Hamburger instead.  I couldn't find one. Today I ran a search on the song and found a new (to me at least) variation eat spaghetti instead.  Oh! how my preK class would have love that. lol  I think for our class contribution to the center's Thanksgiving feast they probably would have wanted to have some type of spaghetti.  Now that really would of been an interesting twist.
 We don't  have a custom embroidered Save a Turkey- Eat spaghetti t shirt. Hopefully, by next year it will be designed and listed in our ecrater store. But ,we do have a Save a Turkey Eat Hamburger kid's T shirt. And by the way, I may not be teaching  Albuquerque he's my turkey to a pre K class; but tonight I taught it to my 3 year old granddaughter.  She giggled and giggled.  I'll have to bring her home a Save a Turkey eat hamburger t shirt to wear to her preschool Thanksgiving feast.  After all Albuquerque he's my turkey was so happy in his bed  - 'cause for Thanksgiving Dinner we had hamburger instead.  lol


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