Saturday, April 7, 2012

Going a Frog Hunting

The ESN scavenger hunt theme for this week is frogs.  I've been looking for frogs under rocks, on sweatshirts, on shirts, on hats - just about everywhere.  I've also been searching eCrater scavenger hunt members stores for frogs.   However, by now all the frogs have been snapped up.  So, here is a beautiful pair of pheasant figurines listed by Le Petit Marche.

To see a sampling of the many unique products scavenger hunt members have listed visit us at eCrater Stores Network.


  1. It's a terrible thing to be running out of frogs! But the pheasants are gorgeous!

  2. The frogs were hard to find but I'd rather look at the pheasants anyway - much prettier :D Great job on making it work!

  3. Thanks for featuring my pheasants! It was hard to find frogs wasn't it?