Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Birthday Surpise

A custom embroidered t shirt can add to the excitement of a kid's birthday celebration.   However, for this particular birthday, the shirt was for his mom not the birthday boy.  Ben really, really wanted a hamster for his 9th birthday.  Even though he promised he would care for the pet, his mom was not keen on the idea.  Of course his Aunt Angie came to his rescue.  She decided to give him a hamster (with all the needed paraphernalia).  The stage was set. Ben with all his cousins trooped out to Aunt Angie's car for his birthday surprise.  It was obvious that Ben loved his birthday gift.  And Aunt Angie was the best Aunt ever.
His mom was a good sport and couldn't stop smiling when she opened her custom embroidered "I love hamsters T shirt".

Ben and all the kids spent the rest of the afternoon just watching Hammi in his new home.
No doubt this birthday celebration will be remembered as one of Ben's best birthdays yet!


  1. I love stories that have a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this. I hope Ben and his pet will live happily ever after.

  2. How cool! Thanks for sharing this bright spot for my day!

  3. Great post, made me smile! I remember the hamster days... :)