Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Pick up Lines

The theme for this week's ESN scavenger hunt is lines. According to the online free dictionary, lines can refer to a geometric figure, a continuous mark, your occupation, a rope,your lineage, or a pick up line to name a few. But, the one definition which made me laugh was the pick up line. A pick up line is insincere talk used to impress or get someone's attention. There are so many different types of pick up lines available on the web. There are funny, romantic, cheesy, geeky, sexy or just plain weird pick up lines. There are even lists of pick up lines categorized by holidays. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween is included. on the list. I couldn't resist. I looked up one of the sayings on our Halloween t shirts - Drink Up My Pretty. When we decided to embroider the shirt, it never entered our minds that it was a Halloween pick up line. However, last year, a customer ordered the shirt and remarked he was going to have some fun wearing it because it is a good pick up line.

So, if you need a really cool Halloween shirt be sure to check out our custom embroidered Drink Up My Pretty shirt. The Drink Up My Pretty logo is embroidered on t shirts  and hoodies.

By the way, I never did find the saying on any pick up line list.