Saturday, October 27, 2012


It looks like Hurricane Sandy is going to make our annual Halloween party a wash out this year.  Last year an early snowfall made our Halloween hayride a little on the chilly side.  Oh well, you cannot control Mother Nature,

This year I choose the If the Broom Fits Ride it t shirt. Choosing a new t shirt every year is starting to be a lot of fun because the grands are getting a little older and want me to explain why I am wearing THIS t shirt.

 And thanks to Pinterest there were recipes for tons of cool Halloween treats to make for the grand-kids   I decided to go with the Witch's Fingers cookie. It is just a basic sugar cookie shaped to resemble a long finger with a bright red finger nail. They were easy to make and already packed in a special tin.
  The witch's fingers recipe is from All Recipes.

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