Monday, November 5, 2012

Everybody loves a clown or do they?

How does the saying go?  Everybody loves a clown.  Everybody but me that is.  I  didn't like clowns as a child and as adult I like them even less.  I remember going to the circus with my dad when I was a kid.  My sister and dad loved the clown acts and would chuckle and laugh out loud.  Not me.  I view clowns as a form of entertainment. Some people like comedy and some do not.

As I was checking out embroidered t shirts to decide which shirt I could feature, the Father of the Bride camo t shirt caught my eye.  It is not a clown shirt or a shirt with a logo that would make most people laugh out loud.  But, the sportsman who frequent our  brick and mortar store always chuckle when they see the shirt.  In fact more than one local customer purchased the shirt as a gag gift.  

If you would like to view more of our custom embroidered Father of the Bride shirts, visit our eCrater store. Take a moment and visit ESN to see all the clown theme items our members are showcasing.


  1. Nice post. I like the item you decided to feature.

  2. Nice post. I like the item you decided to feature.

  3. I guess it would be possible for any "Father of the Bride" wearing this shirt to be considered a clown at his daughter's wedding. I bet more than one would think it was a joke. Great post!!

  4. ha ha wolfie that is funny.
    Good post and yes I don't like clowns!!

  5. Great post, who doesn't like a clown in camo?? :)