Thursday, November 15, 2012

There are Arrows and There Are Arrows

The ESN scavenger hunt theme for this week is is arrows. Arrows as in bow and arrow or as in a pointing device.
Perhaps the most recognized arrow picture is a heart with Cupid's arrow. You remember him. The little guy with a bow and arrow. According to mythology, he uses the arrow to strike people's hearts to help them fall in love. I don't think grandmoms need to be hit by cupid's arrow to fall in love with a grandchild. It is love at first sight.

With that thought in mind, we designed the Grandmom's Valentine infant bib. The bib is 100% cotton with a spill proof backing. And of course two red hearts with cupid's arrow is embroidered on the center of the bib. The bib is custom embroidered on our premises.

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  1. Cute, forgot about a Valentine's arrow :)

  2. Nice post. Your arrows are beautifully done in rich color and lovely font enhancements.