Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Funny Valentine T Shirts

We are looking for hearts on the ESN scavenger hunt blog this week.  Of course with Valentine's Day only a few weeks away, many of us will be searching for a cute Valentine t shirt.
I remember when I taught preschool.  The kids loved funny Valentine t shirts.  I always tried to find one that would make them laugh.  Back then, I had a difficult time finding the perfect shirt and eventually had to design the logo myself and special order it.
Times have changed and today you can choose a custom embroidered Valentine t shirt from the many we have listed in our eCrater Store.
By the way, if you are wondering if I have listed the t shirt I created back in the day.  The answer is well sort of!  I've changed it some; but, the saying is the same :My Kids's Love Me.  Interesting enough, years later I  have been fortunate to find out that many of my kids really did love me.  lol  You could have fooled me.

The My Kids Love Me t shirt is great for teachers and moms.  To see it and all our custom embroidered Valentine shirts, stop by our store.


  1. I love your shirt. Of course, I love all of your creations. The post was great and thanks for sharing some personal history.

  2. Great post, of course all the kids loved you! Lovely shirt, great choice.