Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm A Jersey Girl

This morning as I was listing a new Jersey Girl t shirt on eCrater, I thought about the first time I wore my Jersey Girl t shirt.
 A few years ago when I relocated to New Jersey from Delaware my Jersey girlfriends, better known as the Hens and Chickens , presented  me with a Jersey Girl t shirt as a gift.  One day I wore the shirt when shopping at a local store   This lady comes up to me and started berating me for wearing the shirt and told me she thought it was quite tacky. The shirt was not tacky at all. It just said Jersey Girl embellished with some sea shells.  By the way, this was before we opened Embroidery Fashions Boutique.
I stood there speechless.  And believe me that is something I normally would not do.  When she was finished, I politely told her the shirt was a gift from my dearest friends.  Since I was new to the area, I hoped all New Jersey residents were not as rude as she was.
Talk about the tables turning.  She stood there and did not know what to say; and finally walked away.
Later on, the manger of the store approached me.  She apologized for the rude customer and asked me not to  judge all of them by THAT woman. She really made me laugh.  I ended up making a new friend.
Even though I am now back in Delaware, we still talk on the phone, and facebook each other.  We make time to visit when I am in Jersey.
I am proud to say I have many Jersey Girls as friends and I will remain a Jersey girl at heart.

Jersey Girl

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