Sunday, March 6, 2011

Now showing Big Bold Purple at the eCrater Stores Network

 This week in our ESN scavenger hunt blog we are searching for products with the color purple.  My first stop was Cormycgyrl.  And I found a set of multicolored brandy sniffers including one in purple of course.

At Eccentric Thrifter I spotted a handmade scarf in a lovely shade of purple lavender.

I adore anything with the Tinker Bell logo.  Bargain Express had just what I was looking for- in purple of course.

Visit these eCrater stores at the eCraterStore Network to view some of the fantastic products available.  Membership is open to all eCrater sellers.


  1. Great post! Thanks for including me! Glad to have you as an official ESN Scavenger Hunter!

  2. Welcome aboard! Off to a great start with this blog!

  3. Nice ESN blog post and some great items.