Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Friends Forever T Shirt

Today, I did some housecleaning in the Embroidery Fashions Boutique eCrater store.  In my humble opinion, any kind of housecleaning is an unwelcome chore.  I started with the first category listed on the eCrater home page and worked my way through the listings.  By early afternoon I was working on the Children's Shop.
The Children's Shop always makes me smile because most of our embroidered apparel designs were inspired by our grandchildren.
One of my favorites, is our Personalized Best Friends Forever custom embroidered t shirt.

Aubrey is our granddaughter and Sophia is her best friend.  We embroidered the t shirt as a special gift for Sophia's birthday.  Of course we embroidered a shirt for Aubrey too!

Visit our eCrater store to see all of our custom embroidered apparel.


  1. Absolutely adorable - the t-shirt, too!LOL

  2. Oh how adorable, this would make an excellent gift for any girl....ohhhhh

  3. Ooh, I'm so glad you have used that cute little photo of the girls! Come to think of it, they'd have been perfect for the 'girly things' post we did earlier.

    Love the 'Best Friends' Shirt!

  4. Thanks everyone. Good point, Linda, the BFF picture would have been perfect for the girly things post.