Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love Pasta

I love Pasta.  I love cooking it; making it and eating it of course.  I love pasta plain, with red sauce, with white sauce,with white creme sauce, in salad, in soup and in desserts. 
By the way, when I say making pasta I mean from scratch.  I get out one of my pasta makers.  I still have my mom's  special spaghetti  rolling pin. We would cut the dough by hand or use what our family called the macaroni guitar.  lol  I don't make pasta that way very often.  I also have a hand crank machine and an electric pasta maker.  Actually, I  have two electric pasta machines and three hand crank machines.
 Since I love pasta so much,  we decided to embroider pasta themed items. The Little ole Pasta Maker shirt and the Pasta princess apron are two of my personal choices.
 To see all of our Italian themed embroidered products, visit our ecrater store.



  1. How neat! I loved hearing about how you make your own pasta! I just know it is awesome! Nice how you tied that in with your Italian Shop! Great post!

  2. Linda,
    Have you every eaten home made pasta?