Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're Having a Wedding

We're having a wedding in our family next month.  The youngest daughter of our version of the Brady bunch is getting married July 30Th.  And the count down has begun.  Final bridal gown fitting is next week, bridal shower the week after, hair, make up, manicure and pedicure appointments scheduled. 
Now, I need to find my gown.  I keep saying that I have plenty of time.  But that ole clock is ticking away.  This week for sure; I will find a gown.

Since we custom embroider bridal party T's, we also have been working on some new t shirt designs for the bridal party. Our granddaughter is the flower girl and her t shirt is finished.  Her choice was the I'm the Flower Girl t shirt. She liked the pink flower.

Mike (the father of the bride) choose the destinations camp father of the bride shirt. Ok, it is not a destination wedding, but the shirt is just right for the rehearsal BBQ we are hosting.

I think I'll need an apron and a shirt.  I choose the Bride's Mom Margarita shirt and the The heart and champagne glass mother of the bride apron.

Now I just need to find that gown.  Wish me luck.


  1. Congratulations EFB. Like your shirt with the margarita. Better find that gown first, though. Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks CBL. I did try a couple of gowns on yesterday. At least I know the color I prefer.

  3. Weddings are so much fun! You're coming down to the wire on that gown, though. If you don't want to wear that fab t-shirt to the wedding, you better get to shoppin' :D

  4. Don't get too stressed out. Enjoy it all as it happens. Know you will find just the right dress. Congrats and Best Wishes to the bride and groom.

  5. Bargain,
    I am shopping and shopping for a gown. lol
    I am wearing the Margarita t shirt to the rehearsal BBQ we are hosting. Since I am preparing the food, I need the apron too!

    Thanks you.