Thursday, August 4, 2011

eCrater Summer Block Party

Summer Block Party is this week's theme on ESN.  Boy does that bring back memories.  Since I am a city girl, I went to many summer block parties in my day. It was such fun.  I remember the kid's activities, music and dancing and of course the food.
My eCrater Stores Network block party would have fun kid's activities, music and dancing and food.

In the kid's activity corner I would have Eccentric Thrifter use her Michaels Book of Arts and Crafts.  No doubt she would find some cool projects for the kids to make.

Next our ESN block party needs music.  I wouldn't mind bringing my CD player as long as Bargain Express will let us dance to her Swing CD. 

The last thing left is the food.  Can you imagine coordinating and planning food for a block party?  I would suggest each family bring a covered dish.  The Corning Ware casserole dish from Comycgyrl will work perfectly.

Block Parties were neighborhoods coming together to share a fun time. eCrater Stores Network is an online neighborhood where eCrater sellers come together to share ideas and offer support.  Come join us.  New members are always welcome.


  1. I envy that you've actually been to block parties. They always sounded like so much fun. Thanks for including my Michael's book. Hadn't thot about it, but you're right - lots of stuff in there!

  2. Sure wish we all lived closer together - what a party we could have! Thanks for including my CD in your "party plan" :D