Monday, March 26, 2012

Moon, Stars, Pasta

The theme for ESN blog this week is Moon.  
 Moon as in the movie Moonstuck that is.  Moonstruck is a romantic comedy about an extended Italian family.  And Italian families are right up my alley.  I laughed so hard when watching the movie.  By now, you are probably thinking where in the world is she going with this?  I am gong straight to one of the songs in the sound track.  That's Amore!  A stanza goes like this:

                               When the moon hits your eye 
                               Like a big-a pizza pie   
                               That's amore (love)   
Another stanza       When the stars make you drool 
                               Joost-a like pasta fazool
                               That's amore (love) 
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  1. I could picture Dean Martin wearing the apron while he sang it - holding a drink, of course! LOL

  2. Oh yummy, now I gotta go make a pasta salad for supper!