Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy Satudays are Made for Reading

I love a rainy Saturday.  Sounds odd I know.  But  rainy Saturdays are made for curling up on the couch with my book.  By now you all know I am an avid reader.  The problem is most of the time I read before I go to sleep at night.  And lately,  I confess I haven't gotten much late night reading done.  I promise myself as soon as this blog is published I am curling up on the couch.
Recently, hubby gave me a Nook as a gift.  I absolutely love it.  However, I will not give up my paper books. There is just something about the pleasure of holding a book in my hands.  Perhaps it reminds me of simpler and less hectic times.
At eCrater Stores Network there are various book sellers.  Stroll on over to Barb's Bargains, she has some terrific Nora Robert's books listed.

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  1. Oh I agree! Rainy days make the best reading! Great blog.