Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bargains on ESN

Most savvy shoppers look for shopping bargains on a regular basis.  But, as I stated in a previous blog, bargain hunting is more than the lowest price; it is purchasing a quality product at a reduced price.
Many of my fellow ESN scavenger hunt members have some terrific bargains.  For instance, the Gbx men's elite shoes listed by LePetit Marche fits the bill.  Only the soles of the boat shoes show little wear; they look new, but are used.
Stop by ESN to view a sampling of the products listed by other eCrater Stores.  You are sure to find a  bargain.


  1. Thank you for featuring me! These shoes, really are a bargain, and they're pretty cool too!

  2. These shoes look so spiffy and retro! I'm sure they'd bring a smile to both the wearer and anyone watching the wearer! Great post!