Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looking for Spoons

For this week's ESN scavenger's hunt blog we are looking for items related to spoonful. Do you remember one of the songs from the Mary Poppins move? A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.  Well, in our house, we didn't use wooden spoons for medicine.  We used wooden spoons for stirring the homemade spaghetti sauce.  I also remember my Nonna chasing my brother with her wooden spoon for tasting the sauce right from the pot. lol  Those were the days!
When we designed our Buon Natale (Merry Christmas) apron for our LaVigilia (The feast of the Seven Fishes), I just had to include a wooden spoon. 
Wooden spoon Buon Natale Apron- Embroidery Fashions Boutique

The Bouon Natale apron is available in white and natural and is custom embroidered on our premises.


  1. I just love this apron! Great story of running around with the wooden spoon, lol!

  2. That is such a cute apron! Great post - wish I had some of that sauce! Bet it was so good!!