Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Father of the Bride Shirts

We're looking for items that are related to misty on this week's ESN scavenger hunt blog. Weddings seem to make many people misty eyed.  Picture your dad when you give him with one of our Father of the Bride shirts. A lot of emotions, feelings, and memories are sure to make him misty eyed.

Our three button custom embroidered polo shirt is a good choice.  The classic Father of the Bride  shirt is custom embroidered on our premises. 

If you like more a causal look, check out our Proud Father of the Bride t shirt.
Our Father of the Bride t shirts are available in numerous sizes, colors and styles.  Stop by Embroidery Fashions Boutique to view all of our custom embroidered apparel.


  1. Love the theme tie-in. Plus, Fathers ought to look spiffy too! Great post! You do such good work on all your embroidery!

  2. Nice post, it's true, father's would get misty-eyed at receiving a lovely hand embroidered shirt that would make them proud!