Friday, May 4, 2012

How does yoiur Garden Grow? Burner covers

As I have stated on numerous occasions I do not have a green thumb.  Gardening is not my idea of relaxation, fulfillment or sense of achievement.  In fact as my daughter was kind enough to remind me gardening is more than just planting some annual flowers so my front yard looks presentable. It's growing herbs and vegetables and fruits. She loves her garden.  Sometimes I wonder where she comes from.  lol
Anyway, How does your garden grow? is the theme for our ESN scavenger hunt.  I found this adorable set of electric burner covers in an apple and peach design at Eccentric Thrifter.

Burner covers are more than a decorative item.  They can cover up that messy stove top and serve as additional prep area.
To see these and more garden related products, visit the ESN.


  1. Nice burner covers, my kind of gardening as well - a nice picture of fresh fruit is as close to gardening as I get. P.S. updated my recipe from a blog ago - it is called Snap-E-Tom found in the juice isle - funny how one knows what the can looks like but I have never looked at the name until now.

  2. I'd never have thot of stove burner covers relating to a garden! Great post. Thanks for the plug!