Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sleepy Time

This week we are featuring sleepy time products on our ESN scavenger hunt blog.
Interesting enough ,we have over 1300 custom embroidered  items listed on eCrater; but no pajama sets, or pajama pants, or robes. ( Perhaps that is something I should add to my to do list)

I repurpose my oldest embroidered shirts and sweats and wear them  with pajama pants.

My own favorite is a personalized pink sweatshirt that my hubby, Michael (he does the custom embroidering not me) gave me as a Christmas present several years ago.  I cannot remember how many times I have washed and worn the sweatshirt .The embroidery still looks fantastic and the shirt looks like it has seen better days.
If you would like to view our custom embroidered apparel, visit our ecrater store.

To see more  sleepy time themed items from other eCrater sellers visit us at ECrater Stores Network.


  1. Ahhh, I love this, the "together till we melt", how touching! Yes, you definitely should add "jammies" to your line, your hubby does such great work!

  2. Oh How Cute!!! That is just the sweetest thing - I love it! ♥

  3. As my previous two fellow ESN members remarked "Oh how cute and sweet." Yes, I think you should definitely add jammies to your line of products. Great post!!