Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On the Road Again Travel Bag

The top to do on my bucket list is for hubby and I to travel more.  Last August we and our best friends flew to Punta Canta for a seven day stay.  Even though we were bumped from our return flight and had to stay an extra night, it was an awesome vacation.  The perks we received from the airlines made it so much easier to swallow the delay.  They put us up in an all expense paid 5 star resort and gave us vouchers for a future flight.

We are already in the process of planning our next trip.  This time, though, we are going to stay in the States and visit Key West.  So far, we plan to fly into Miami or For Lauderdale, rent a car and drive to the Keys.

One thing  we both realized we needed was a compact; but roomy carry bag. So, hubby is embroidering one of our on the road again messenger bags for both my friend Kathy and me.  It is the perfect bag for traveling.  It has lots of space to organize our travel documents , to store our water bottles, our cell phones, cameras and anything else we need.
Turquoise Messenger Bag
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  1. You will love Key West, have been there several times.

  2. How nice to see you (which one is you) I lived in Florida for over 35 yrs and Key West is a lovely place. The most fun thing to see is the Sun setting on the ocean, it is so awesome and you will need either chairs or a blanket and to get there early as it usually gets so crowded. Hemingway's House is awesome and if they still have cats there, which are all over the place is another exciting place to go. They do have some great places to eat, can't remember the names though. Have a great time there.

  3. I went there in 1972 & it was awesome! Always ask where the locals eat to find the best food! Love your travel bag with the vintage camper!

  4. I love this bag, it's very cool. Never been to the Keys, maybe I'll make it there some day!

  5. Thanks for sharing your plans for your next vacation. I hope you have a most enjoyable trip. Please have lots of fun for the both of us. I do not get to travel much. I have never been to the Keys, however, I do know others that have been and they loved it. Enjoyed your post and I love the new messenger bag.