Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage Grease Jar

Recently a friend remarked that I am old soul. Believe me the comment really caught me off guard, I didn't get it. Gee, I thought I was pretty up to date. What she was referring to, though, was my love for vintage things. Especially my fondness for vintage kitchen gadgets and pottery. Many times I wish I could travel back in time and experience how a certain item was used.  For instance, I discovered this vintage 1930's white kitchenware grease jar listed by Sirocco's Curios. I can picture the jar sitting on the stove. But, I wonder if it really was used to save grease.  It had to be hard to clean because as far as I know dishwashers were not part of the 1930's kitchen.  (history of dishwashers)
Today, the jar is an unique kitchen collectible. 
To see the grease jar  and other listings, visit the eCrater Stores Network.


  1. Wow, what a great take on the Travel theme. Sometimes I wish I could visit all those good ol' days my folks talk about so much. Great item to share!

  2. Great post, what a neat vintage item too!

  3. Great idea on the travel theme and great post. Don't feel bad about being dated, my kids swear that I was born during the Civil War and I have to correct them often. According to my dad, you are only has old as you feel. I just wish I could feel like 16 again, but I do not think I would want to travel back. Great post.